Women biker hairstyles: 5 types to look wonderful

If you’re a woman and a cyclist, you possibly have found problems putting on the helmet, because of your hair. Although if you are a man and have long hair, you can also have the same problem.

In this post, we are going to write about five different women biker hairstyles to wear under your bike helmet.

We have found an article from a German girl, who has a blog dedicated to cycling. She has fascinating articles.
We will summarize one of her posts, where she explains several different hairstyles to wear under the helmet.

The very first of all is to wear a bike helmet specially designed for women.
She speaks about her Specialized helmet, but if you search in Google, you can find much more.

Women biker Hairstyles

The key:

The helmet must be adapted to have enough room for your hair on the back side.
And the ties must be height-adjustable for regulating them according to the hairstyle that you wear in each moment.

If not, it´s possible that the helmet doesn’t fit properly to your head, and it would be uncomfortable.

Michelle of Cycling Sunday,(the blogger and its blog) talks about five sports hairstyles for women cyclists:

Ponytail with a braid
Fishtail braid
Two braids
Messy bun

We are going to show every hairstyle in the pictures below

1. Women Biker Hairstyle : Ponytail

It´s a classical

Women Biker Hairstyles

2. Women Biker Hairstyle : Ponytail with braid

It´s also very classical but with much more elaboration. It´s more stylish than the first Ponytail.

women Bikers Hairstyles

3. Women Biker Hairstyle : fish tail braid

The translation is complicated. But it´s the way she names this cycling hairstyle. If anyone has a better translation, please leave us a comment.

Women Bikers Hairstyles

This hairstyle goes a step further and certainly looks much better. Highly recommended if you have a cycling event with ‘glamour.’

4. Women Biker Hairstyle : Two side braids.

This is another classic hairstyle, and can be done even without the special helmets that we mentioned before.

Women Bikers Hairstyles

We are about to end this article, but first, look at the last hairstyle

5. Women Biker Hairstyle: messy bun

If you are in a hurry, this is your sports hairstyle, without a doubt. Just put on the helmet, make a fast monk, and you will be ready to go.

Women Bikers Hairstyles

So far, these are the five women biker hairstyles

I hope that you liked, and you’ve found inspiration for your next ride on your bike.

Remember that the most important thing is that the helmet must be properly adjusted, but… you can wear a safety helmet and look great, can´t you?

You can find the original article on her blog, Cycling Sunday (Haarfrisuren: this is the German word for women biker hairstyles)

Please please leave us a comment, and share on your social networks.

See you soon.

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