Sunglasses parts: 9 pieces to care for your eyes

We are going to explain the different parts that form both traditional glasses and also sunglasses.

We will talk about eyeglasses and sunglasses parts

Well, this article may seem ridiculous for many of you. But we are recording video products and I realized while recording these videos, that we use words which not everyone knows.

It is logical that terms like lenses, or frame are words easily recognized by everyone. But for example, if I mention the “rim” of the glasses, you won’t probably know what it is.

Likewise, there are other parts of glasses that are named wrong, such as the arms of the glasses.

Therefore, I decided to elaborate this article so that we all learn a little bit more about what each thing is. This way, whenever someone talks about these elements, they will sound familiar.

Now I’m going to show you a few pictures to make everything clearer.

Let’s start with the first great division:

Lenses and frame.

The most famous eyeglasses or sunglasses parts

Oakley Replacement Lenses

This division is the most obvious one and it is not necessary to explain. But we should bear in mind that lenses can also be referred to as crystals. And the same happens with the frame, it can also have other names which are understandable, although some may not be completely correct.


This is our business. Of course, we sell replacement lenses

Within the classification of LENSES or CRYSTALS, let’s clarify some aspects.

For example, when the lens is only one, just like the picture below, there are a few names like: 

Optical shield, shades or visor.

Oakley replacement lenses

These kinds of lenses became famous at the beginning of the millennium, then their fame decreased around the end of the first decade of that millennium and got back a couple of years ago. This resurgence was very linked to the boom of sports goggles.

This means that optical shades are exclusively for sunglasses, and although they may be used in traditional glasses too, it is actually very weird and requires extra modifications.

Lenses are lenses, and there isn’t much to say about them, at least regarding their parts. The only part they have is the lens itself. But I’ll clarify a little detail about the borders of lenses. The next picture shows a regular border.

Eyeglasses Parts : The bevel

As you can see, it is neither plain nor blunt, but it rather has a sharp point form. This is called the BEVEL of the lens and has this form to fit perfectly in the frame so that it doesn’t fall easily.

Now that the lenses explanation is finished, let’s talk about the frame, which has more parts to explain.


Eyeglasses Parts: The frame

To start, we will divide it into FRONT and TEMPLES. Temples are what I previously mentioned as ARMS. I guess people call it “arms” because of their form. There’s no problem if you say arms, every optician will understand you if you say that you have a problem with the arms of your glasses. However, let me tell you that temple is the correct term to refer to this part.

The front, on the other hand, is the part of the frame that is most visible, where the lenses fit.

This front has different parts, the most visible one is the rim. The rims of the glasses are the part where lenses are.

Eyeglasses Parts: the rim

Within this rim there is another part I must explain, do you remember what I sad about the bevel of lenses? Its function was to make those lenses fit in the frame. Well, lenses fit on the rims, and therefore these rims also have a part called BEVEL.

In this case, the bevel of the frame has a complementary form with the bevel of the lens. Thus, lenses fit perfectly in the frame and keep subjected without difficulty. Glasses with optical shades may have a unique rim or no rim at all.

Rimless glasses don’t have a “classic” frame, so to speak. Lenses are attached to the temples and the bridge and pads, that way they can fit the face.

The bridge is another element of the front of the glasses. It is the area that puts both rims together.

Eyeglasses Parts: Nosepads and Bridge

Another important part of the front of the glasses is the nosepads. Yes, that thing that goes on the nose.

There are many types of pads: soft, hard, round, plain, embedded… Most current sunglasses, especially those which are made of plastic, have pads on the front. The design includes a sort of ledge in the nasal part of the rims, and this is enough to make glasses sit well on the nose.

The last part that of the front is left to describe is the hinge.

Eyeglasses Parts: The hinge

As you can see on the picture, it is the superior external part of the front of the glasses. And it is placed where the temples are attached, be it with screws or any other way.

Finally, let’s talk about the temples. Although there isn’t much to say about them, there is a couple of important things that you should know.

Every temple has a part in its extreme that is used to be attached to the front. The hinge mentioned before is also present here.  

This type of subjection can be metallic to insert a screw, or it can be made of plastic and be attached by mere pressure. In any case, it is crucial that the design is perfectly done to avoid a break. It is the weakest part of the glasses, and it can be damaged if we constantly take our glasses out and wear them again.

The opposite extreme of the temple is located at the TERMINAL. This terminal is not always there, it is a piece, normally made of plastic, that covers the extreme of the temple.

Oakley temples

Most traditional glasses have it, especially if they are metallic; this is useful to generate comfort since a metallic piece could hurt the ears. They are also used to avoid the quick metal corrosion that is caused due to the sweat of our heads. Plastic glasses usually don’t have terminals, although sometimes they do as an aesthetic or comfort element. They can have different colors than the temple to make it more peculiar.

These are the different eyeglasses and sunglasses parts .

Every design is unique and has its own details. But the three main elements that have discussed:

Lenses, front, and temples, are always present in one way or another.

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See you soon


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