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oakley jawbone vented replacement lenses

Oakley Jawbone Vented replacement lenses


Oakley Jawbone Vented replacement lenses


100% UVA/B Protection Perfect Vision High Impact Ressistant Affordable

Replacement Lenses for Oakley Jawbone vented

100% UV filtered


Ok, you have the unforgettable Oakley Jawbone Vented and are looking for replacement lenses for them. Right?

Here you are. Check the features of our:

Oakley Jawbone Vented Replacement Lenses

>Polarized lenses reduce glare
>100% UV filter against Sun Rays
>Sunglasses Restorer Nano Coating™ – repels water and dust
>Polycarbonate TAC lenses: SURE Lenses exceed the ANSI Z80.3 and EN 1836:2005 impact resistance standards.
>Precision cut and guaranteed to fit in Oakley Jawbone Frame
The Oakley Jawbone is a nostalgic sunglass for everyone has worn it sometime. It´s a very comfortable frame, which fits perfectly to your face.

But it has a little handicap: the frame is too fit to your face, which may result in a risk of misting lenses.

Fogged lenses are, of course, not good for vision, so Oakley decided to launch a new kind of glasses. Vented lenses.

With vented lenses, the risk of misting is very less, so sportsman with this kind of lenses can see much better when they sweat a lot.

No doubt it was a significant improvement.

Let´s talk about us

Sunglasses Restorer specializes in manufacturing replacement lenses that are precision cut, affordable, and guaranteed to fit perfectly into your Oakley frames. Thats why we develop Oakley Jawbone Vented replacement lenses.

Each lens includes a variety of advanced optical features to protect your eyes, reduce eyestrain and allow you to see the world in the clearest way possible.

Exclusive polarized SURE lens technology dramatically increases clarity and reduces eye strain by cutting glare off reflective surfaces such as water, snow, and asphalt.

All lenses offer 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. SURE hydrophobic nano-coating ensures the surface of your lenses remain clear and ready to perform.

Sunglasses Restorer Declaration

>Our lenses are NOT Oakley lenses. We are NOT affiliated with Oakley.
>Sunglasses Restorer polarized lenses meet the standard of ANSI Z80 (UV protection) and passed drop ball test (FDA standard for glasses lenses impact resistance.)
>Sunglasses Restorer lenses meet the Standard of EN 1836:2005 (Personal eye-equipment – sunglasses and sun glare filters for general use and filters for direct observation of the sun.)
>Free Worldwide shipping.
>Free Returns
>One Year Warranty

Do you like all these features? You can give your Jawbone a chance to renovate.

Take advantage of our discounts today,

Get a 15% off if you buy two pairs of Oakley Jawbone replacement lenses

Sunglasses Restorer, the replacement lenses brand.


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