Oakley Vented Lenses: maximum comfort in eyewear

In this article we are going to talk about the purpose that Oakley vented lenses have. The difference between using vented lenses and regular lenses.

Before talking about Oakley Vented lenses, we will dig in another issue.

Sports material technology advances very quickly. There has been a boom in the fitness world during the last years. Hundreds, thousands of people go outside to do sport, be it running, cycling or paddle tennis, for example.

People have become runners and MTB riders. There is a whole culture around physical exercise from which companies have seen an opportunity in the market and promoted it.

It is difficult for a runner not to wear a bracelet to attach his or her mobile phone with the app that will indicate the trajectory. A biker must have the last kilometer counter available. And a paddle tennis player has to use the most efficient racket for his or her game style.

This is good, very good because it introduces the great public to products that before were exclusively for elite sportspeople.

vented lenses

Let’s talk about our field. Sunglasses have evolved very quickly during the last 10 years. Before we could count the number of people who used polarized lenses with our fingers, and today it is weird not to find this type of sunglasses.

Likewise, there is innovation in materials, looking for greater lightness and comfort. This way, the durability of glasses is also being scarified. We can’t fight against that, since we are in the throwaway era.


Regarding sports sunglasses, the evolution hasn’t been so plausible. Since the beginning of the 80s, Oakley has been innovating in this field. The article where we talked about Greg Lemond and the Oakley History mentions innovation from the first moment of this great brand. The Razor Blades became an entire revolution in sports glasses and cycling glasses more specifically.

Since that model which the legendary Lemond made well known, until the recent Jawbreaker that were developed with the collaboration of Mark Cavendish 3 decades of research and development of new models have passed. But we can’t go beyond what’s possible, the human face is the limit. We have two ears and one nose, and it is difficult to fight against that.

It seems a truism, but glasses models try to find ergonomics that gets better every time, and our physical characteristics sometimes limit that advancement.

However, 5 years ago approximately, vented lenses were developed for the first time. In our opinion, they marked a real advance in sunglasses ergonomics and functionality.

Oakley Vented Lenses


Oakley vented lenses, just as their name indicates, allow the pass of certain quantity of air through the wholes of the borders. This is ideal because this way it gives more oxygen to the face, thus avoiding that some sweat gathers around the eyes. This is very annoying because it can produce discomfort in sports people who wear sunglasses to practice their activity.

Likewise, it favors the reduction of mist in the lenses because of that air entrance. It is an effect that is similar to the one that happens in the interior of a vehicle when there is a difference in temperature which is sensitive between the exterior and the interior. What do we do in that case? We open the windows to balance that difference, right?. In this type of glasses, a similar phenomenon to “opening windows” takes place.

Thus, some simple holes at the extremes of the lenses make these important functions possible. But, even though the seem simple, these holes are very well designed and their location is very sell studied. This design has been analyzed for several years to get the most appropriate form for the lens.

That’s why vented lenses are the best type of lenses for you if you practice a sport where you use glasses and the sweat is accumulated around the eyebrows, like running, paddle tennis, cycling or any of their modalities.

There are several models of Oakley lenses which incorporate this type of ventilated lenses: Jawbone, Racing Jacket, Radarlock Vented or Radar Path, among others.

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