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The definitive Guide to care and clean glasses

Eyeglasses case adn microfiber cloth

Anyone said: “How to clean glasses“? Or taking care of them? This is not another tasteless blog post with 4-5 common tips. This is much more.

Don´t run and raise your hand who hasn’t cleaned their glasses with their shirt, or who hasn’t put their sunglasses on their head ever!

All we have done that, at least once. Even every single member in Sunglasses Restorer (before we work in the company, of course)

And we’re also sick of cleaning up our glasses. But they last much longer than yours. You know why?

Because we know every trick there is to care for and clean glasses.

In this article, we’re going to show you the most important tricks that exist to keep in good condition your glasses and its lenses.

Both sunglasses and prescription glasses because although they have things in common, each has its own little peculiarities. And you must know that very single tip to clean glasses applies for polarized sunglasses or photochromic ones.

First, we’ll tell you how to clean the lenses and frame of your glasses.

Later we will give you a few tips to care for them and extend its life.

Ready to make your glasses shine?

Let´s start

how to clean glasses


How to clean glasses?

And especially how clean them so they last longer.

We are talking about both cleaning eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The trickiest part of the glasses you know which is, right?

Indeed, the lenses

How clean the lenses?

Almost everyone knows that they should not be cleaned with the shirt we are wearing at that time.

Or to breath on them and then rub.

We still do it, but at least almost everyone knows that this damages the lenses.

So, how I clean it?

With water.

And anything else?

You could use mild soap, but be careful with this


Because certain types of soap are not as neutral as they claim to be, and because the soap itself has abrasives components.

Are you wondering how to clean mirrored sunglasses?

In addition, those coloured mirrored lenses that you love so much, are much more fragile. 

So, the best to clean glasses is to follow the next procedure.

  1. If they have dust or sand on the surface:

You have to put them under running water to remove all dust and dirt that may have.

Once they are wet, you must dry them with a microfiber cloth. Again: a microfiber cloth.

It is forbidden to dry them with paper because the paper is not a good friend of lenses.

The paper contains abrasive particles that are primarily responsible for scratching the glass and lift the mirrors on the lenses with these characteristics.

Let´s continue

  1. If there are no particles on the surface:

It´s irremediable touch the lenses with our hands, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and thus the lenses have small spots from the grease we have on our fingers.

If they are mirrored lenses, these spots are much more noticeable.

In this case, it´s not absolutely necessary to put the glasses under the tap, you can clean them with the microfiber cloth mentioned above.

But pay attention to the following

The Proper way to clean glasses with the microfiber cloth.

Typically, it is usual to take the glasses and clean them like they are a kitchen plate, making circles on the lenses.

Well, that’s over. Follow these steps.

  1. Hold the glasses for the part that you are cleaning: Do not hold them by the opposite lens. If you grab the opposite side, the glasses as a whole will suffer more because it will move components causing unnecessary tensions.

how to clean glasses

If you don´t clean your glasses like this, may nothing happened at first sight, but eventually the glasses will suffer more and may end up breaking somewhere, usually the temple or the hinge.

Read this post where we tell you about all the glasses parts.

  1. Once the glasses are held firmly, you have to clean it properly with the cloth.

Typically, you’ll make circles with a cloth, but you will spread all dirt and grease, and the lens will not be completely clean.

What you need to do is this: you have to clean the glass, from the inside out. Thus, the dirt will go “driving out” of the lens and disposed of properly.

Once the dirt is on the edges of the lens, it will be easier to remove, and we can enjoy optimal vision.

Check this video


Easy, right?

All these steps may seem too much, but I tell you one thing, among friends, don’t complain later if the lenses deteriorate before time.

More ways:

Alternatives to clean glasses lenses

There are alternatives on the market to clean glasses, but sincerely to us, they do not seem optimal.

Lens cleaning wipes: are sold in many supermarkets and optical shop, and can be a specific solution.

The chemical compounds in these tissues are not ideal for the care of the glasses.

-Roll-On cleaner: we strongly discourage the use of this, because of both the head, as the chemical in it, are not beneficial at all to the lens.

In addition, you will surely use your shirt sleeve or shirt to “clean” them.

-Professional solution:

Ultrasound device: It is a way to clean and disinfect glasses, which we use in optical shops and optical workshops.

The glasses are put on a tray, the machine starts and after a few minutes of action, the lenses and frame come out shining.

If you have an extremely dirty glasses, it is more comfortable for cleaning.

You cannot lose the following

How to Clean the frame?

The lenses are the dirtiest part for obvious reasons. But we must also take into account the rest of the glasses: the frame.

If you have seen the article mentioned above about glasses parts, you know that the frame is divided between the front and the temples.

In short, the front is the part that holds the lenses, and the temples hold the glasses to our ears.


Parts of glasses
Pretty cool picture from

And how do I clean this?

It’s as easy as follow the next procedure we have described for glasses.

– Water

– Drying

– Cleaning Inside out.

It is very important in this case, leave the frame well dry if it has been wet.


Because the screws and metal parts may rust easily if they spend much time wet.

As mentioned above, if the frame is very dirty, the best idea is to run it through an ultrasound device.

This part was easy, let’s go to the next section.

How to take care of your glasses.

To care for sunglasses or prescription glasses, and that they last as long as possible, you just have to use common sense.

Let us begin

Taking care of your glasses, by how you put it on and take it off

care glassesIt is as easy as always use both hands to put it on and to take it off.

When we pull the glasses with one hand, which is usual, the opposite side of the glasses suffers more than necessary.

The screws and/or springs that hold the temples in front of the glasses suffer tensions for which they are prepared relatively.

The big glasses companies have realized this problem and increased more flexible materials in the frame’s hinges.

Although the glasses incorporate the temples called “flex”, if the use is still inadequate, the frame will tend to break long before that if the glasses are put on and take off with both hands at once.

Eyeglasses case adn microfiber cloth

Taking care of glasses in their corresponding case.

Obviously, the glasses will last longer if you keep it always in its case than if you leave it anywhere.

Any slight movement of the table, or the swipe of a child who passes by, will end with the glasses on the floor.

As you can see you just have to use common sense.



Do not leave sunglasses in the car. 

Whoever has a visual defect, they are required to have a second pair of prescription lenses.

Leaving the glasses in the car implies that they will suffer extreme temperatures, both heat and cold.

This can seriously damage the glasses. So if you have the obligation to leave your spare glasses in the car, try not to appreciate them too much.

Taking care of glasses put it them in the correct position.

It is very common to put the glasses upside down.

This will cause unwanted scratches on the lenses, so always, always leave them folded facing up (and if it is in their case, much better)

Remember that you can´t remove scratches from glasses.

how to care glasses
Yeah, we know this is another repeated picture

Taking care of glasses, not putting them in the head.

A whole “eyeglasses-breaker” classic is put them in the head. Yes, it is very comfortable and prevents you lose them; but it is not advisable.

It is also normal hang them by a temple on the shirt.

In this situation, buttons or necklaces can scratch the lenses

All these tips seem enough to care for and clean sunglasses and prescription lenses?




But the best is about to come: your own tips and experiences about taking care and cleaning eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Leave us a comment below, telling us your tricks or some anecdote related to the care of glasses.

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See you soon

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