100 % UV Polarized Replacement Lenses by SURE

Sunglasses should protect from UV up to 400nm in a total amount of 99% or more. Previously, in the EU the quality standard was 95%, while in the USA it was 99%. Currently, in both standards, the percentage is the same

Don´t you think that our products are 100 % UV replacement lenses?

We have shot this video to show you the quality of our lenses.

Our CEO Luis Carmona, explain what a sunglasses must have to be sold as an optics product. We are opticians and know about the requirements that a quality sunglass should have to protect our eyes.

Please check it until the end, to know more about the UV filter of all our lenses.

Have you liked it? We hope so.

Do you think that now, can you answer questions about what a quality UV filter should have?

Do you remember the wavelength below the one, the sun rays are harmful to our eye´s health?

No? Please check again the video, it´s very easy.

Do you remember the steps we have followed to demonstrate the quality of our lenses?

In our workshops we have UV analyzers, so they can tell us which lenses are good and which ones are not.

So there is no choice for our suppliers to “endorse” us, low-quality lenses with no UV filter.

First, we test a non-UV filtered lens to show you that the UV analyzer works properly.

Later we tested a Sunglasses Restorer Racing Jacket Replacement lens. Watch the video to see the result. What do you think? Did it achieve the UV filter promised?

Later we test more lenses just in case…

Have you watched the lens with no UV filter?

It is a prescription lens. Everyone with a refractive error, like myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, has used one of them during his life. Now, you know that you have not been protected from the UV radiation, and you should consider use prescription glasses with sun protection. How?

You have several choices:

-Tinted lenses


-Photochromic lenses

If you have any visual problem, ask your optician for a recommendation about prescription glasses with UV filter.

We are arriving at the end of this article where we talk about our 100 % UV replacement lenses.

We would like to ask you to criticize the video. Do you think that we miss anything?  could we improve anything?

Feel free to write a comment below.

We have more videos to show How to change Oakley Lenses

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Do you  trust us when we talked about the quality of our lenses?

See you soon.

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